Thursday, November 18, 2010

Reading Terminal Market

Here is a shameless plug for my friend Mary Rizzo's new blog Eating Reading: Consuming one of Everything at Philadelphia's Reading Terminal Market . I've been to Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia a few times, but mostly late in the afternoon. The buzz she describes in the morning makes it seem almost worthwhile for a night owl to get up at the crack of dawn to check it out. Because I can never wake up earlier enough, I haven't been there when the Amish merchants are open. But I imagine shopping at their stalls is like returning to a moment frozen in time, which is what makes these markets such special places.

I wish more of these old fashioned food markets still existed where you can talk to the people who made the cheeses, grew the vegetables and raised the animals we eat for dinner. I know there are a few still tucked away including the Paterson's Farmers Market in New Jersey which caters mostly to the city's Middle Eastern population. My favorite there is the stall that sells fresh loose spices.

I hope I can help Mary with her mission to eat one of everything at Reading Terminal Market. What a delicious idea!

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