Monday, November 1, 2010

Who was the worst cook?

My husband, Jeff, and I are debating whose mother was the worst cook. I think he might have me beat. He just told me his mother messed up Stove Top Stuffing. How is that even possible?

Can you top that with an even worse cooking story?


  1. Twice this year I tried baking a cake from a box mix. I lined the cake pans with parchment paper, which were then greased & floured. And twice they stuck to the bottom of the pan so badly that it destroyed the entire cale-making effort. Duncan Hines: 2 Me: 0

  2. Sorry, Alison, that sucks! did you try just greasing the pan instead of using parchment paper??

    My worst cooking story is a non cooking story about the last time my mother invited me over for dinner. I drove an hour and a half to her house and she served some kinda pre-packaged chicken that came out of a plastic tub. It was so gross, I haven't allowed her to cook a meal for me in years!